Divider System

  • Maximize cubic space in each location
  • Increase pan count by minimizing the vertical height of items stored
  • Replaces bulky, tall bins
  • Durable plastic or sheet metal systems available
  • Customizable configurations

Load Cell Scale

  • Protects equipment from operator overloading
  • Integrated with HMI touchscreen
  • Over-weight pans cannot be returned to their location
  • Error code generated to notify operator of overloading
  • Displays last weights for all returned trays on HMI touchscreen
  • This feature is required on all units with 2000 lbs. per location or greater

Battery Backup Systems

  • Protects against power failures, sags & surges
  • Minimizes the opportunity for component stress, equipment crashes & failures
  • Small footprint, enclosed units separate from VLM
  • Provides up to 8 hours of continuous power
  • Especially useful in older facilities or areas where power fluctuates

 Integrated Stub Conveyor

  • Pan is delivered to the end of conveyor
  • Minimizes operator injuries due to the lifting of heavy items from the delivery window
  • Smooth transition from delivery window to conveyor
  • Jib crane can also be added to further encourage ergonomic material handling

 Remote PLC Access

  • Allows for factory-based offsite trouble-shooting & diagnosis
  • Updates PLC to add new features & functionality
  • Minimizes the need for on-site diagnostics & externally supports maintenance teams
  • Eliminates unnecessary service calls & saves money
  • Requires a dedicated Ethernet Cable
  • Can be configured to communicate via cell phone as an alternative to dedicated internet service

Seismic Pan Retention System

  • Stops pans from tipping into the center of the equipment during seismic activity
  • Approved for use in all US seismic zones
  • Safety rated for up to 6.0 seismic activity
  • This feature is a requirement in all areas subject to a high probability of seismic activity

Green Energy Return System

  • All systems consume energy, even when not in use
  • Puts VLM equipment in standby mode
  • Reverts unused electricity back to the grid

Custom Carts

  • Fabrication of custom carts for use with King Titan HD VLMs & Large Scale Custom VLMs
  • Made in the USA with US manufactured parts
  • Painted to your specifications
  • Enclosed carts, spring-loaded carts, flat carts
  • Improves ergonomic material handling & recommended with stub conveyor systems

Safety Items

  • Integrated safety mats
  • Integrated light curtains

For more information about the Titan Accessories, please contact us!