What Makes the Green Automated Solutions Titan HD VLM the Next Generation of VLMs?

We’ve selected the highest quality components for the Green Automated Solutions Titan HD VLMs based on reliability, long-term performance, and ability to be easily sourced for replacement. We have also gone to great lengths to ensure that the Titan HD VLM is engineered with the end user in mind. These are a few of the things that make our VLM the workhorse of the industry.

Allen Bradley Programmable Control Logic (PLC) & Componentry

  • Allen Bradley non-proprietary controls & componentry allows for immediate, local support anywhere in the world, as opposed to brand-restricted access to replacement parts & the possibility of a non-operational unit containing critical items.
  • Allen Bradley doesn’t “obsolete” componentry, so the Titan HD can be indefinitely supported. This eliminates the “planned obsolescence” business model that other VLM manufacturers rely upon to ensure future revenue verticals in parts sales.
  • Allen Bradley PLC ensures that the Titan HD cannot “lose” the operating system, which is still endemic to the older “board-based” technology.
  • Allen Bradley PLC allows for a robust passcoded Maintenance Mode to diagnose operator error codes and perform routine maintenance functions at the equipment level, including manually raising & lowering pans. (No need to climb into a non-functioning unit to retriever critical items.)
  • Allen Bradley HMI 10” Touchscreen with an articulating arm provides a clean, HD view for operators.
  • Built in network interface for remote trouble shooting & real-time factory upgrades.

Extractor Body

  • Heavy-grade 11 gauge steel extractor body for stability
  • Heavy-grade, bidirectional pan clamps
  • Industrial grade, direct-drive 1/2HP AC motor powers horizontal extractor movements
  • Full-length AISIC 1010 drive shaft
  • No on-board electronic extractor controls

Carbon Steel Roller Chain

  • Carbon steel roller chain drives both the vertical and horizontal extractor movements.
  • Compared to antiquated “timing belt” technology, carbon steel chain requires less maintenance, is less prone to damage & doesn’t “stretch” at the same rate, providing for smooth extractor operation for a longer period of maintenance-free time.
  • Four individual carbon steel roller chains at each corner of the extractor ensures even lifting regardless of load imbalance and eight consistent points of contact.
  • Spring-loaded roller chains maintain constant chain tension, drastically reducing error codes & maintenance.

Safety Elements

  • Emergency Stop (E-Stop) button is available with a keyed stop lock for additional, unit level safety.
  • OSHA compliant side access doors with internal “stop” sensors that immediately ceases operation of all moving parts when accessed. When multiple units are combined, the side door access stops ALL motion in adjacent units as well.
  • Two-Step reset for access safety sensors for operators to clear the obstruction & push the reset prior to resuming operation.
  • Vertical travel sensors cease vertical extractor travel, preventing the extractor from damaging pans or injuring employees.
  • Safety pan removal system provides a means to move an individual pan into the extractor channel in case emergency access is required.
  • Adjustable vertical & horizontal travel speed in the Maintenance Mode program via the touch screen allow for customization based on safety considerations for the items stored.


  • Modular frame construction provides a more precise level/plumb of the uprights and fewer instances of a unit being out of level/plumb which greatly impedes operation.
  • Exterior panels are esthetic & can be easily removed and replaced without impeding the operation of the unit in any way. The external panels in no way provide structural integrity to the equipment.


  • Stub Conveyor
  • Pick to Light
  • Safety Light Curtain
  • Integrated RFID Scanners
  • Dual Delivery Windows
  • Battery Back Up
  • Electrical Power Regeneration
  • Front-load Pans

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