Non-Proprietary PLC & Controls:

We have partnered with Allen Bradley to offer you a completely non-proprietary platform. Our platform was selected with our end-users in mind to provide the most elastic and consistent user experience.

What does a non-proprietary platform mean to you?

  • The Allen Bradley PLC is scalable and able to be integrated with all inventory control/MRP systems with the creation of middleware specific to both your needs & application.
  • Your inventory isn’t held hostage in your equipment while you wait for a part to arrive from across the country or across the globe.   You’re able to contact a local Allen Bradley dealer in your area and receive parts the same day or next day.
  • Replacement part cost is minimized.
  • Unlike our competitors, we don’t build planned obsolescence into our business model, so we’re not banking on your equipment having a catastrophic breakdown to continue parts revenue verticals indefinitely until you finally buy new equipment.


  • Passcode protected pan-level security feature to better control the access employees have to specific locations
  • Pan number search
  • Part number search
  • Operator Mode that allows for the viewing of pan numbers, part numbers, part counts, pan height, weight and retrieval/return of pans
  • Passcode protected Maintenance Mode that allows technicians to perform diagnostic and maintenance functions without factory assistance
  • Remote access for software updates & upgrades
  • New features are being released regularly

Contact us to learn more about our non-proprietary controls & software.