At Green Automated Solutions we provide much more than just vertical lift modules, we have set ourselves apart with our unique ability to develop an automated storage solution that meets each of our customer’s needs. Our turnkey solutions encompass everything from sales to engineering to installations and custom software.

One key thing that our company does is to design the machine size specific to the customer’s facility needs. We know that different businesses have different requirements and often one machine or one model won’t work for them so we’ll design the footprint of the equipment around the requirements so that we can guarantee that the end user is getting exactly what they need.

Additionally, we have developed our own software and can write custom software to each user and key features include first in, first out, barcode product, and more. One example can be a medical company which stores vials of blood with our machines and have to be able to track them in seven day cycles. We can develop software that will check every machine weekly and alert users to what specific vials in specific locations need to be removed.

To learn more about how our custom storage solutions can help your business and to see our portfolios, visit our website.