Green Automated Solutions is the ONLY American manufacturer or heavy duty, large scale VLMs.

Standard VLMs absolutely have their uses, however, many of our clients require custom VLMs that are specifically designed with the dimensions and weights of their larger items in mind.

Large scale VLMs are incredibly useful for storing:

  • Long goods
  • Blow molds
  • Castings
  • Large tooling
  • Sheet metal/coils
  • Engine blocks

We can fully customize:

  • Pan depth/height/width
  • Weight/location
  • Machine height

Additional features:

  • Safety eye beams and mats integrated into the PLC
  • Load cell scale
  • Dual HMI touch screen for ease of operator use
  • Stub conveyor for ergonomic delivery
  • Incorporation of cranes to assist operators

Our Green Automated Solutions King Titan Heavy Duty VLM is designed to accommodate up to 188,000 pounds of materials, and with a height of 40’, no job is too large for this VLM to handle.

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