Is Your Company Ahead of the Curve?

The research from Penn State is in … but you could ask any MRO manager about how “far behind the curve” they feel, especially when they’ve seen how the new technologies can dramatically, positively impact their operations.

There are new attitudes from the top down regarding MRO management and attention is being paid to combating the greatest challenges: overspending on duplicate items, multiple disorganized MRO locations in a facility, and the overall “loss” (or shrinkage) of items that can’t be accounted for.

The Green Automated Solutions brand Titan HD Vertical Lift Module can help your company get ahead of the curve. The Titan HD VLM will streamline your MRO operation by centrally locating & shrinking your storage footprint, integrating directly into your MRP system for more consistent product tracking, and helping your employees maximize their time.

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To read the Penn State study: