AS/RS Tool Crib Storage with MCS2 Software-6

Company History

In 2007 Mark Green saw a need in the AS/RS industry to create a custom Vertical Lift Module that addressed the needs of clients while providing a cost-conscious solution for the greatest problems most companies have: adequate floor space, limited budgets & ergonomic inventory management.

After 20 years in the AS/RS business, first as an installation manager, then as a salesman, he saw that his clients required far more reliability & more robust controls than what the industry offered. He spent $1,000,000 of his own money to develop the Green Automated Solutions Titan HD Vertical Lift Module to address market demands. With a more reliable, non-proprietary Allen Bradley PLC platform, American-based manufacturing, enhanced safety features, more design options, and fewer possible operator errors, the Titan HD is the leading edge of VLM technology and by far the most superior system on the market.

Reclaim your Floor Space. Save Money.

The biggest challenge most companies have is to efficiently and effectively use the space allotted to various departments within a facility. The default choices have always been the use of shelving & racking for storage, and when that space is overtaken, adding on to the existing structure or leasing adjunct facilities to accommodate growth.

What’s My Solution?

From the standpoint of utilizing space effectively, those options are fine for the short term, however, in the long term, the money spent on stop-gap measures far outpaces the investment in automated equipment that’s designed to leverage ceiling heights while condensing storage space.

Utilizing your vertical space, whether you have a 10’ or a 40’ ceiling height, gives you another option that is long term, accommodates anticipated growth, and, more importantly, returns up to 70% of your storage footprint.   That’s floor space that can be used in a far more profitable manner than a resting place for aisles and aisles of shelving or racking.

How Do I Know if Vertical Lift Modules Will Work for My Facility?

We have worked with business entities as diverse as hospital systems, police departments, military bases, automotive manufacturers, and medical device & pharmaceutical manufacturers. They all had the same issue with space and efficiency that you do, regardless of your particular industry. If you’re storing items on shelves, racking, or in drawers and cabinets, incorporating VLMs into your storage plan might be a good choice for you as well.

We are happy to perform a parts study and site survey to determine whether VLMs will meet your needs, not just today, but far into the future.

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